Watch Consignment

Considering Selling Your Luxury Watch? Let’s Make It Simple!

When you decide to part ways with your luxury watch, you want the best deal without the hassle. Should you sell it privately, to a dealer, or let a dealer sell it for you? Let’s break down the options and introduce you to the “Sell My Watches” consignment service.

Understanding Consignment Sales

In a consignment sale, you entrust your watch to us, the experts at “Sell My Watches”. We then work to find the perfect buyer. Once sold, we take a small commission from the sale price.

  • Contract Details: Our agreement will clearly state the duration, commission rate, service costs (if needed), and payment timings.
  • Early Termination: If you change your mind and want your watch back before the contract ends, you can!

Consignment Sale vs. Direct Sale to a Dealer

  • Immediate Payment: Selling directly means instant cash, but the offer might be lower.
  • Wait Time: With consignment, you wait until we find the right buyer, but the payout could be higher.
  • Certainty: Direct sales are straightforward. With consignment, the sale time can vary.

Consignment Sale vs. Private Sale

Selling on platforms like Chrono24 might seem tempting, but consider:

  • Effort: Listing, Professional photographing, and managing inquiries? That’s all on you.
  • Presentation: We ensure your watch looks its best, increasing its appeal and value.
  • Exposure: Selling yourself limits your reach. We advertise widely using our channels, platforms and paid ads on Google and Facebook, maximising potential buyers.

Why Choose ‘Sell My Watches’ for Consignment?

We’re not just watch dealers; we’re passionate about timepieces.

  • Expertise: Benefit from our years in the luxury watch industry.
  • Full Service: We repair, refurbish, and photograph your watch, making it sale-ready.
  • Warranty: We offer a 24-month warranty to buyers, boosting their confidence.
  • Visibility: Your watch will feature on our selling website that gets an average of 22,000 visits per month, and other online platforms + Facebook and Google Ads.
  • Safety: We handle insurance and shipping, ensuring your watch reaches its new owner safely.
  • Reach: With hundreds visiting our site daily and a strong online presence, your watch gets maximum exposure.
  • Payment Flexibility: We offer multiple payment options, including credit card and 0% finance.

Our Consignment Terms

We pride ourselves on transparency and fairness:

  • Commission: We take a fixed commission on an agreed discussion.
  • Duration: A short 3-month contract. No year-long or 6 month commitments!
  • Fees: No Termination fees here, You want the watch back, you can!
  • Repairs: If your watch needs some TLC, we’ll discuss costs upfront. No surprises!
  • Authentication: All watches Go through an authenticity check before being sold to customers.
  • Payment: Quick payouts for in-person sales and prompt transfers for online sales.

Ready to let “Sell My Watches” help you get the best deal? Contact us today, and our expert team will be in touch soon!

Proof is in the pudding they say!


Check our image below that highlights the normal amount of visits our selling platform has in 28 days.

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